How to Prevent a Rat or Mice Infestation

Rats and mice invading your property can lead to extensive property damage and health issues. They spread bacteria and cause asthma and allergic reactions to your family or customers. That’s why the best treatment method for rodents is to ensure they never become a problem in the first place. Here are the top 3 methods for preventing a rodent infestation.

Ppet dishes should be cleaned regularly.

Ppet dishes should be cleaned regularly.

1. Eliminate Food Sources

Leaving food and water out can lead to rodent problems. Clean up spilled food immediately and wipe down your counters and food prep stations regularly. If you keep trash inside or outside, make sure it’s kept in tightly sealed bins. Pet food should also be kept in sealed containers and pet dishes should be cleaned regularly.

Use shelves to get as much off of the floor as possible.

Use shelves to get as much off of the floor as possible.

2. Eliminate Nesting Places

Mice and rats love to make their homes in storage areas such as basements, attics, crawl spaces, sheds, closets, pantries, and cabinets. Keep these areas clutter-free and use shelves to get as much stuff off of the floor as possible.

Make sure the areas around pipes and vents are sealed .

Make sure the areas around pipes and vents are sealed .

3. Eliminate Entry Points

Rats can fit through openings about the size of a quarter and mice fit through openings the size of a dime. If you find any openings or cracks in your home, you need to repair them quickly. Also make sure the areas around pipes and vents are sealed as they are a perfect route for rodents.

These are the best ways to protect your home from rodents, but it’s possible they might still become an issue. If rats and mice move into your home, it’s important to act quickly before they cause significant electrical, plumbing, and structural damage to your property. Give UnBugMe a call if you want to schedule a free inspection. We’re happy to provide you effective and affordable treatment and make your home rodent free again. Call us at (818) 510-0629 or click the link below to schedule a free rodent inspection!

Rodent Inspection (Free)

Free Inspection Include:

This service includes a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the causes and conditions of the infestation. The inspection process includes:

 Identification of any/all openings or holes in the garage and housing areas, which includes cracks & crevices in doorways, wall voids, piping & ventilation openings, grate access, and breaks/tears within crawling space covers. The technician will inspect the surrounding harborage and greens area, seeing if entry to the property is accessible by trees, bushes, awnings, hedges, fencing, wiring, etc.


Identifying factors for rodent infestations includes scratch marks, bites in wires/pipes, grease tracks, fowl odors, scampering sounds in attic/walls, and droppings. The size, shape and color of the droppings will determine that type of rodent and the size of the infestation.


Once all factors and access points have been identified, the licensed technician will provide you with a proposal with an estimate for the cost of service & repairs to prevent future infestations. This will include trapping, proofing of the structure, or both if it is required. After proposal is approved, technicians are able to perform the service immediately. All services come with a one visit a week for 30-day control period.

NOTE: Technicians are not responsible for any cleanup of infested areas within or around the property.

*This free inspection is not currently offered to tenants or renters. Please contact your landlord or property manager to take advantage of this offer!

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