How You Can Get Fleas Without Pets

It’s a common myth that you can only get a flea infestation in your home if you have dogs, cats, or other pets. In truth, many people suffer from fleas who have never owned a pet a day in their life. Here are some of the reasons how this can happen to you: 


There are many ways this can happen. Sometimes it can be as simple as a new homeowner or renter discovering fleas left by the previous owner/renter. Flea problems can often go unnoticed at first and when they are not dealt with by a previous tenant, they will end up being your problem instead. 

But fleas can also happen to existing homeowners and renters as well. If your home has or neighborhood has a pest problem with rats, mice, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, or other animals, they can carry fleas and easily infect your property. Even neighborhood cats and dogs that come in contact with your home can leave behind fleas and quickly cause an infestation. 

Fleas can also travel on people as well as pets since they love to hitch rides on clothes and shoes. These wingless insects may as well be able to fly since they can jump up to 6 feet in the blink of an eye. It’s very easy for them to jump on you when you’re away from you home and travel with you all the way back to your property. 

All in all, it’s not too difficult to find yourself with a flea infestation. What is difficult, is getting rid of them. Fleas move fast and can quickly take over your home no matter how clean it is. If you find yourself with a flea problem, you need to move quickly!

Click the link below or call UnBugMe at (818) 510-0629 to learn how we can help you deal with your fleas in the most effective and affordable way possible! 

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Don't let FLEAS take over! They may be wingless, but since they can jump up to 6 feet in the blink of an eye, it's almost like they can fly. They love to hitch a ride on pets like cats and dogs, but can also travel via clothes and shoes.

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