Has an animal made a home in your house, yard, or business? We specialize in humane animal trapping and removal services for possums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, pigeons, feral cats, and more. 

First we set up and bait some safe and compassionate traps which we will check every day for a full week or until the animal is caught. We then transport the animal to a wildlife reservation where they can make a new home. You can feel good knowing your home is finally yours again with no harm done to the animal.

We also can remove any dead animals from your property, sanitize the area, and safely dispose of them. LA's Sanitation Department can take days to respond to your call. We'll come to you the same day and save you the hassle of disposing of the contaminated, germ-ridden animal. 


Does Your home or business Have an Animal that Needs to go?
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*NOTE: Animal Trapping Service Includes Humane Removal for No Additional Charge, The Animal Removal Service is For Animals Who Are Deceased and Therefore Does Not Include Trapping.