(VIDEO) 7 Steps to Prepare for a Bed Bug Treatment

When preparing for a bed bug treatment, it's important to do as much as possible to ensure success. There are many things you can do to help ensure that once these bugs are gone, they stay gone. Here as 7 steps to prepare for a bed bug treatment! 

Bed Bug Treatment
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We specialize in Bed Bug extermination for homes, apartments, and businesses. Bed Bugs are on the rise in California and can quickly reproduce, becoming an issue for people in a matter of weeks. 

This service includes a complete interior inspection of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the possible causes and conditions of the infestation. When problem areas are found a technician will proceed to a treatment that includes:


Treatment of the entire interior of the structure (living room & bedrooms). This service may include baseboards, ceiling, closets, and crack & crevice treatment of any furniture that has been prepared ahead of time (couch, mattress, night stands, dressers, bed frame, etc.) with a residual product that includes an insect growth regulator to prevent any further infestation. In addition, the interior is also treated with a fogger type product with a flushing agent to eliminate all present bed bugs on contact, giving a fast bed bug control.


Follow up service after 21 days includes the same preparation and treatment as the initial service. At the time of purchased treatment, a detailed report with the possible  causes or conditions found will be provided with a recommendation to prevent any future infestation by a professional licensed technician.

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to prepare for treatment and give us a call at 818-510-0629 if you have any questions about the service. 

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Bed Bug Inspection
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This discount is only available online and offered to anyone who thinks they may have a Bed Bug problem. Our skilled technicians will inspect your property and consult you on a treatment plan based on your situation. 

This service includes a complete interior inspection of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the causes and conditions of the infestation.


A licensed technician will inspect the bedrooms, living rooms, converted garages, and bathrooms with a flashlight and compression gas canister with a flushing agent. Bed bug monitors will be strategically placed around the interior of the property to properly identify the type of infestation. A detailed report with the possible causes & conditions and a possible recommended treatment will be provided on site at the end of the inspection by the licensed technician.

 NOTE: Cost of inspection will be included in the final cost of any bed bug treatment on the property (should a treatment be recommended after the time of inspection)

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