(VIDEO) 3 Steps To Prepare for a Cockroach Treatment

Cockroach infestations can be stressful and often dangerous. Roaches are known to create major health risks for you and your family, especially small children and the elderly. That’s why when preparing for a cockroach treatment, it’s vital to make sure you’ve completed all the necessary steps to ensure success!

Here are the 3 steps to prepare for a cockroach treatment and 3 steps for after the treatment is completed.

Cockroach Treatment
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Roach infestations are a huge health risk for your family, employees, or customers, especially children and the elderly. They quickly contaminate your food, water, and the air around you with their excrement. When consumed or inhaled, this can lead to asthma, salmonella, E coli, and other health issues.

In addition, this treatment will also work for a few other pests such as any spiders, ants, crickets, silverfish, or moths that may be on your property. The service also includes a 30 day control period. If you find evidence that the pest problems still persist within 30 days of the initial treatment, we will perform an additional treatment free of charge to the problem areas. 

This is a one-time service for homes or businesses up to 1,600 square feet. For homes or businesses larger than 1,600 square feet, please call us at (818)510-0629 for a new quote. 

Please visit our Documents Page for instructions on how to prepare for treatment and give us a call at (818)510-0629 if you have any questions about the service. 

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