Rodent Control: DIY vs. Professional Treatment

When dealing with a rodent infestation, many people consider tackling the issue themselves rather than hiring a professional pest control company. This results in varying amounts of success and there are a few issues that constantly frustrate those who choose the DIY route.

Rat poison is never advised. 

Rat poison is never advised. 

The Problem with Rat Poison:

Rat poison is a technique that may quickly put to rest the rodents in your home or business. However, this is not advised. The rodents will usually die in their hiding places, deep in the property structure in places that can be impossible to reach. Within days, the smell of dead rodents will become apparent and people are left desperately searching for the bodies they missed. In the meantime, other pests (including ants and maggots) will be attracted to the smell and you could end up with more problems than you started with.

Rat traps are strong enough to break a human finger

Rat traps are strong enough to break a human finger

The Problem with Rat Traps:

Although rat traps are an essential part of dealing with a rodent infestation, they do nothing to stop other rodents from coming in. Furthermore, it’s far more beneficial to have a professional place to traps since they can track their movements using their experience to find the entry points and travel route. They also know how to set up traps to avoid injury. Rat traps are strong enough to break a human finger, which makes them especially dangerous for children and pets who may come in contact with them.


The Financial Costs:

Many people who attempt to deal with the problem on their own will end up spending a lot more money in the long run. It’s not only the cost of the household supplies, most of the expenses will come from the constant structural, electrical, and plumbing damage being done to the property while they attempt eradicating the rodents using trial and error. Since rodents reproduce so quickly, a small rodent infestation can turn into a financial disaster in a matter of weeks. Rodents carry pathogens and coming into contact with them or their dropping can cause disease, especially to children and the elderly creating medical expenses.

For all these reasons and more, professional treatment is highly recommended. At UnBugMe Pest Control, we offer free rodent inspections, rodent control, and rodent proofing to deal with your rodent infestation and to keep out other rats and mice for good!

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