Ant Treatment

Ant Treatment

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Ants are one of the most common pests and once they get in, it's near impossible to get them out. They reproduce fast and can quickly turn an annoying inconvenience into a serious infestation inside and outside your home. 

This service includes a complete inspection of the interior & exterior of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the causes and conditions of the infestation. When problem areas are found a technician will proceed to a treatment that includes:


The placement of ant bait & dust inside the walls (through electric outlets) on problem areas, a residual type product to be applied on crack & crevices found on infested areas, placement of ant bait stations (if required), and also includes an exterior treatment with a residual type product on any identified infested areas found at the time of inspection (exterior treatment will vary depending on the type of structure). This product and treatment are also labeled to work for general pests (ants, roaches, spider, earwigs, crickets and beetles).


At the time of purchased treatment, a detailed report with the causes or conditions found will be provided with a recommendation to prevent any future infestation by a professional licensed technician.


This service includes a 30-day control period. In that time frame, you must allow 1 week for the product to work at 100%. If you are still having problems after this time, we will send a licensed technician to service the property at no additional charge.

NOTE: If the property is bigger than what is described over the phone (or online), the price may change once a licensed technician arrives on site

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In addition, this treatment will also work for a few other pests such as any roaches, spiders, crickets, silverfish, or moths that may be on your property. The service also includes a 30 day control period. If you find evidence that the pest problems still persist within 30 days of the initial treatment, we will perform an additional treatment free of charge to the problem areas.