Spider Treatment

Spider Treatment

from 185.00

Spiders may help keep other pests in your home or business to a minimum, but can often be more dangerous than their prey. Most venomous Spiders are nocturnal and are very good at hiding where you’d least expect. 

This is a one-time service for homes or businesses up to 1,600 square feet. For homes or businesses larger than 1,600 square feet, please call us at (818)510-0629 for a new quote.

In addition, this treatment will also work for a few other pests such as any roaches, ants, crickets, silverfish, or moths that may be on your property. The service also includes a 30 day control period. If you find evidence that the pest problems still persist within 30 days of the initial treatment, we will perform an additional treatment free of charge to the problem areas. 

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