Fly Treatment

Fly Treatment

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In the summertime, flies come out in droves and are one of the most difficult pests to keep away. There are thousands of species of flies and any one of them is capable of spreading disease and bacteria to living hosts. That’s why it is important for you to properly protect your home/business from fly infestations.

This service includes a complete inspection of the interior & exterior of the property by one of our licensed technicians to find out the causes and conditions of the infestation. When problem areas are found a technician will proceed to a treatment that includes:


the use of fogger type product for a fast knock down of flies, residual type product application on previous identified problem areas, a dust type product on crack and crevices where flies might it place eggs


 A residual type product application on previous identified problem areas, the use of dust on cracks and crevices where flies might it  placed egg, an oil base product for a fast fly control, placement of flies bait stations ( when need it and recommended by a licensed technician) for longer residual, This product and treatment is also labeled to work for general pests (ants, roaches, spider, earwigs, crickets).


At the time of purchased treatment a detailed report with the causes or conditions found will be provided with a recommendation to prevent any future infestation by a professional licensed technician.

This service includes a 30-day control period. In that time frame, you must allow 1 week for the product to work at 100%. If you are still having problems after this time, we will send a licensed technician to service the property at no additional charge.


NOTE: If the property is bigger than what is described over the phone (or online), the price may change once a licensed technician arrives on site.


Property Size (Square Feet):
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